The ArisCrown Technology

Features & Benefits

The use of peptides and protein as therapeutic agents has been hampered in the past by the shortage of effective and reliable means of delivery other than injection.


Arisgen’s drug delivery technology is termed ArisCrown and is a new and unique formulation approach offering robust solutions to this problem by providing non-invasive routes of administration such as buccal, sub-lingual, gingival and gastrointestinal delivery.


ArisCrown is based on the selective and reversible masking of peptide functional groups by novel and proprietary biodegradable cyclic compounds which form non-covalent reversible interactions with the peptide. This is combined with the appropriate formulation excipients to provide controlled non-invasive drug absorption promoting oral and/or buccal/sub-lingual absorption of the drug. All excipients used are known and recognised as safe. Once adsorbed all components of the formulation dissociate from the peptide and are degraded leaving the therapeutic peptide in an unaltered and biologically active state.


Pre-clinical proof of concept has been demonstrated in multiple species with several marketed injectable peptide drugs with clear evidence of increased oral bioavailability compatible with a commercially viable oral, buccal or sub-lingual version of the drug.


Advantages of Ariscrown technology:

  • Strong and independent Intellectual Property
  • Versatility: Buccal and oral non-invasive peptide delivery
  • Flexibility: Ariscrown enables the enhancement of formulations of a wide range of drugs from small molecules to proteins and siRNA
  • All excipients are GRAS
  • Efficient: permits high bioavailability by both oral and buccal routes

Arisgen is progressing an internal pipeline of opportunities with a focus on metabolic diseases specifically targeting oral delivery of GLP-1 agonists, of insulin and PTH. We plan to enter Phase I clinical studies in 2016. A positive Phase I study demonstrating safety, tolerability and peptide drug exposure will represent a significant derisking of the product as well as the platform.